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You will have at your complete disposal the sum of the multidisciplinary know-how and production capacity of a pool of cutting-edge technology companies.
There are no challenges that scare us. We are the ideal partner for those who want to industrialize highly complex projects, we are looking for clients who have been told that what they want to achieve is impossible and we are ready to surprise you with simplicity and elegance, proposing innovative, unique and differentiating solutions. Browse the page to find out what we can help you with.
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The excellence of complexity. Precision mechanics designed and assembled with a high degree of precision and driven by actuators managed through complex and programmable electrical circuits, interfaced in turn with computers by means of data acquisition cards for the analysis of results.


Precision mechanics

We have a high capacity for the production of precision mechanical parts in any metal or alloy, through the most modern CNC cad/cam technologies and with the highest standards of numerical precision.


Laser cutting

We provide our customers with a considerable production capacity derived from the most advanced machinery dedicated to laser cutting of any metal or alloy.



Our design, programming and mass production capability covers any type of single-layer, double-sided and multi-layer electronic circuitry, on rigid or flexible boards, with special materials and high density of interconnections.


Plastic and Vetronite

Thanks to the diversification of the production specializations of our partner companies, we offer design, prototyping and mass production of objects and components in plastics, technopolymers and vetronite.


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If you would like more information about the level and multidisciplinarity of our know-how, please also refer to the product development and reverse engineering sections, as well as take a look at our case studies. Alternatively, get in touch with us now and request information through our free consultancy.
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Industrial Design
Over 20 years of experience in industrial design and design for work, solutions for mechatronics and reverse engineering applications.
Mechatronics Made in Italy
Made in Italy chain of industrialization and mass production of electronic equipment, precision mechanics and mechatronics.
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